Shawn & Daphne

Daphne and Shawn came all the way from Hong Kong to have their wedding day in our beautiful state. Both are great lovers of adventure and the outdoors so what better way to celebrate their eternal vows then to have their wedding on a glacier!

When Daphne contacted me about filming their Alaskan elopement I could not have been more excited. She told me they were planning to get married and then go on a ten-day motorcycle tour all over the state of Alaska. A couple after my own heart! This was going to be fun!

The day could not have been more beautiful! It’s like Alaska was showing off for this this wonderful couple. I loved Daphne’s dress, it’s elegant lace and high neck line accented her beautiful features. And for a woman who claims she rarely wears dresses and never wears makeup she sure rocked those red stilettos! Absolutely gorgeous!

Before jumping on a helicopter the couple opted to do portraits Erica Rose at Hatchers Pass and I was happy to tag along. Watching them hop around on boulders, smiling from ear to ear in the sunshine was magical. I loved that Shawn carried her stilettos for her, what a gentleman.

Next we took in some beautiful scenery at a lovely river bend, and then we were off to Knik River Lodge to get the real adventure started.

Excitement rose as the hum of the helicopter approached. The scenic ride out to the glacier was breathtaking. Shawn and Daphne chatted with the pilot as they took in the lush green mountains, glacier fed waterfalls, and of course the epic Knik Glacier itself.

Once on the glacier, we were all in awe of our surroundings. There’s nothing like standing on a massive, moving piece of stunning creation to set the tone for a truly spiritual ceremony.

Pastor David Dahms started off by taking a moment of quiet, to take in the magnificent setting. The ceremony was beautiful and heart felt, tears fell and there was something incredibly intimate and profound about the three of them standing alone, surrounded by endless ice and stunning mountains. I have never seen a church more beautifully decorated.

After the vows, the seal of a kiss, and the wiping away of tears it was time to play!

Daphne and Shawn did some exploring, hopping glacial streams, drinking pristine water, toasting with glacier chilled champagne, I even convinced them to have their first dance on the icy shore of a lovely blue glacier lake. Then it was time for them to get rid of the rest of us and head back to the Lodge and enjoy the rest of the evening as married couple. What an amazing day!

Thank you Daphne and Shawn for allowing me to be a part of this incredible journey. Congratulations and may you have many more happy adventures to come!

Venue: Knik Glacier, Knik River Lodge ||  Hair & Makeup: AK Beauty Bar ||   Florals: Simple Petal  ||  Pastor: David Dahms || Photography: Erica Rose Photography || Flight Tour: Tanalian Aviation Inc.