“Greg and I LOVE our wedding video!  It is the most precious memory we have thanks to you and Clay!! Seriously, I tell everyone that the video was the most important wedding investment anyone can make!”

– Danielle Kuaiwa Chavez

“We first viewed our wedding film by Frame by Frame while we were on our honeymoon. We were blown away by how perfectly April and Clay captured the essence of our special day. Our wedding was all about family, friends and location. This is exactly what we see when we watch our film. It has become our most timeless keepsake from our wedding day. Over three years later our toddler asks to watch the video multiple times a day! He can’t get enough of the joy he sees on the faces of all of his favorite people!”
Ashley Griffo

“April and Clay were a wonderful couple to work with and are such an amazing team. When we saw our highlight film we loved the detail and personal touches April included. We couldn’t have been happier with it!”

– Jaci Blossom

“I was standing staring out the back window of the “girls” room watching the rain pour down. I was fully dressed in my wedding gown, heels, my makeup was done, and my hair was up more perfectly then any of my pinterested hair goals, and I am holding a class of champagne fighting back tears. Everything was ruined, I hadn’t ordered tents, my guests were in the rain, the rain wasn’t going to stop, and I was going to have to do the ceremony either in the rain or in the garage…those were the thoughts running in my head. After an extremely long 20 or so minutes the rain stopped, the clouds parted and there was a perfect rainbow behind us while we said our vows on a beautiful beach on Kauai. I do, now, know from watching footage from my wedding that my guest didn’t mind that they had to wait out a little rain in Hawaii. Everyone was having drinks, laughing, pulling tables clothes, wiping wet furniture down and could careless about the rain because we are from Alaska and a tropical rain storm still feels like paradise.

I feel extremely lucky I have film of all the different parts and pieces of the one day/night that is my wedding. As a bride I was stressed, worried about details, distracted by my dad crying, bossed around by my best friend, concerned there was possibly too much drinking around the children that were guests at the wedding, and I spent some time taking photos away from guests with my new husband and our wedding party. All of which made it next to impossible to to experience all the the little wonderful amazing memories surrounding the day. My wedding video, which I can not watch without crying, gives me back the missing pieces of MY day. After the day is done all the food and drinks go away, the tables get packed up, the center pieces get tossed out, the guests leave and what you have left is your memories. It has been 6 years since my wedding and before I wrote this I rewatched my wedding video with my 4 year old daughter and she couldn’t get enough of it and said “oh mom you looks so happy!”, “Oh you are so beautiful!”, “Is that aunt Sydney singing?”, and a few more adorable things that reaffirmed to me that this video was really priceless to me and our whole family.”

-Lindsay Benedict